Borderlands HD Playthrough Pt64

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Johnny Carson: uh

Alex Mackay: im just playing this game for the first time,but watching how this bloke gets on in his game 3 years before.only watching up to where ive been each view tho.lovin his play through.exact same as mine lol.but...i use my back pack slot upgrades lol im wondering if this will be the video where he notices.

CollegeWiFi: @ckerfoot1 thumbs up if this douchebag should freak himself (herpderp) im a hipster

chris kerfoot: thums up if your wacthing this in 2012

Jenga Unchained: in one of scotters missions tk baho dies..but you didnt do it

AlexxxxxSaysHi: Phil, borderlands engine doesnt support floor water effects, if your gunna complain then get ya facts straight freaktard.

Simon Ho: In Phil's book, shallow water does not exist. only game-bugged water.

qazxswplmnko: He had so much to learn at this part... *shakes head*

JWall96: phil thats just a small puddle like there not deep waters...

DarkFireInspire: You missed the ammo things when it was litterally right in front of you. sadly, that is a fail :(

DaniKalifornia450: lmao hes jesus he can walk on water

chaos2inferno: he should have went back and done side quests

aikighost: He does appear to be blind.

TheRed: did he seriously not see the vending machine or is he screwin with us?

Elevensyndrome: Was just being a smart

maplebroa: you want splash? i guess you gotta be nick picky and cant appreciate a good game

Elevensyndrome: If he fights this dude 2-3 levels higher than him, we might hear a few tirades out of Phil as he repeatedly dies. LOL :D

Elevensyndrome: So water that isn't deep doesn't splash?

Savgio Carson: maybe inflated tires lol no ripple so it prob a bug :S?

mike12724: Yeah, I think there is, but you just can't see it most times. Maybe I'm just paranoid.
Borderlands HD playthrough pt64 5 out of 5

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NTWN: thx
Marley robertson: Well, so much for a video each week. Last video made 7 months ago.
Aubakir Bakirov: какой радиатор подходит на мб100
Jake. B: Great video Imogen, keep the good work up. Regards Jake
Azir: Looking forward to the game but this video makes it look like you only use 1 button the whole time lol. 
TheTimeTraveler2025: I have this on VHS...
stevie h: Bummer had my RR6 Blade fall of its stand on its own, I nearly cried lol

Borderlands HD playthrough pt64