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Justice Sheely: Hey stan i recently applied to join your new server and havent heard back i would love to join and chat. It would be an honor.^^ btw im 17 and my user is justawolf please add me and pm your response. Thank you
Quinn Tiller: Its may 30th now they keep moving it!!!
deezynomad: Подскажите, Сколько такая стоит? Есть ли в Навител карты Казахстана? Если система JBL с усилителем, то требуется ди переходник некий переходник для сохранения качества звука? Отправляете ли в Казахстан?
Myron Gaines: greatest game ever, now in HD :)  new faces of tidus and wakka take time to get used to though lol (dem eyes) beautiful game though the story is so amazing, it's so rare to find games with such meaningful stories and artwork like FFX :)
Major Zero: Both games are good in their own right. Forza 7 which is the one that I own and I'm able to run on mostly high and some ultra settings still cannot compare as far as graphical Fidelity to gtsport GT sport to me looks way better in places where it counts like detail to the car tires in feedback when you're driving the car. Forza Motorsport 7 has a way better collection of cars in my opinion I'm fine with a little bit of JDM, but sometimes Gran Turismo can be overwhelming.
Bottomfedder: Your review is cute & honest. I just bought this thing for my boy.
ExTreMe-7: Thanks for this video, made me conviced to get this red one for my own! very nice!