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Joshua Swann: Cool models :), what's the march that's playing in this?
yuffi81: @Katharina M
Dieser Link sollte gehen:

Robert Sestito: dude in the metcon has a right ankle issue.
Jason Goldsack: You should have put the tune on the stock air intake before you swapped. You are not dealing with apple and apples now.. it's apples and oranges since you did two changes. I just wanted to know the hp increase just from the air intake....
adi makayasa indogamers: bagus thanks gan
Vanessa Loggins: Hello there sir.(: You're one of my new favorite Youtubers. Lol. I'm actually in the process of dreading my hair right now. My situation with my friend and I is in a place where we couldn't do them all at once, but I'm trying to pick a really good shampoo, essential oils combination, AND locking sea salt spray that would help. I hear you say that they're very "tangly" which is exactly what I want for my dreads. They've been locking up faster, from what my friend (Dona, who has 9-month-old dreads) says, because my hair has been bleached and dyed in the past. I want to use all natural/organic products on my hair, meaning no added chemicals or anything artificial whatsoever. Sooo, with that being said, are these products and other products from this brand organic? If not, do you know of any good brands that are?
Валерий Зайченко: Всё хорошо сделано но надо ставить електро вентилятор